George Papageorgiou

Adjunct Faculty at University of Nicosia (UNic)

Former officer of the Hellenic Air Force (BSc engineering), with 18 years of experience in military jet aircraft. He worked an additional 8 years in Intellectual Property and Technology management consulting, drafting, examining and researching patents for global companies, several of which he’s the inventor of. He acquired and MBA from Greenwhich University and devoted completely to decentralized digital currencies and Blockchain technology since 2013, having been involved in several facets of Bitcoin since 2011 (trading, mining, startups, education).

Since 2014, he administrates the MOOC and co-lecture in two of the MSc courses on Financial Systems and the Developing World, as well as provide Digital Currency expertise throughout the MSc program in Digital Currency at the University of Nicosia, the first MSc program globally on Blockchain techonology. He’s presented Bitcoin in conferences in the US, Greece, Cyprus and appears in media as a commentator on the industry